Breakthrough Anxiety

I'm livid at the emergence of, what I call, "cliff-hanging" anxiety. It begins without an origin I can't identify, and for hours, usually the whole day, waits behind the fine line of burgeoning into an actual panic attack. This being said, I'd rather have the all-encompassing anxiety finally manifest into a twenty- minute panic attack … Continue reading Breakthrough Anxiety

Innocuous Stigmatizing

I've learned pretty quickly that circumstances and situations I've encountered throughout my whole life haven't been "healthy" in many people's opinions. I also realize that me laughing as I share a crazy experience indicates a lot of desensitization on my part. Humor isn't a self defense mechanism for me in this case, but I honestly … Continue reading Innocuous Stigmatizing

Stage-Five Clinger: Alone for Over a Year

Struggling with polysubstance abuse and self-medication issues for over a decade has burned a lot of time and relationships for me. As tired and lethargic as I feel anymore, I don't know how I must have propelled myself through my twenties, landing a steady, non-stop string of boyfriends that always managed to initially see me … Continue reading Stage-Five Clinger: Alone for Over a Year